Make Real and Lasting Changes in Your Life
The Life Change People and Puripunn Baby Grand Boutique Hotel …are proud to announce exclusive packages aimed at busy people who want to enhance their lives.

What do you get when you combine a Change Holiday company run by a team who base their skills and expertise on the latest advances in Motivational Psychology; with a 5-Star Boutique Hotel, created by a couple with a commitment to traditional Thai values of respect, care, acceptance and sharing…or in Thai ‘Naam Jai’.

A dynamic partnership, offering brand new packages to enable you to make real and lasting changes in your life.


Introducing Our Special New Weekend Packages…


De-Stress Program

Stress can creep up on us and change our perception of our life, sometimes without us realising it. The world economy affects our work and home life, political troubles, world events, global warming, affects our sense of security. Before we know it stress has reduced our pleasure in our everyday lives.

This Program, offers you the opportunity to unwind in luxury at the 5-Star Puripunn Baby Grand Hotel, and to undertake a Change Program designed to help you understand and manage your stress and achieve a better work/life balance.



Confidence Kick Start Program

This program is designed to build self esteem and confidence and bring out the best in yourself and your life.



Couples Program

An exclusive program for couples who feel that they’ve lost touch with each other.

This is a program for you … designed for couples who want to find each other and happiness again.

All Programs include:


The Life Change People

For over 20 years Alex Gunn and Chrissy Richman of the Life Change People, have been helping people make amazing changes. Literally making wishes come true. Now based in Chiang Mai, Thailand, they attract busy successful people, from all over the world, many of whom have successful careers but also lead complicated and stressful lives.

Their unique approach effectively overcomes problems and can facilitate change in all areas of life; from weight loss… to overcoming stress … increasing confidence … to work and relationship dilemmas. Their work is difficult to categorize and in high demand. It is effective, efficient and based upon evidence based interventions combining recent advances in motivational psychology, executive coaching and personality profiling.


Puripunn Baby Grand Boutique Hotel

‘Puripunn’ means ‘The Land of Sharing’. The owners Khun Att and Khun Koy designed this property as their perfect home, inspired by traditional Lanna design, which they and their staff share with their guests with warmth and grace. Without exception, all members of the ‘Puripunn Family’ are kind, thoughtful and caring. This is the only hotel we know where the owners, hold a meeting, every morning, with all the staff where they discuss the care and well being of each guest Puripunn Hotel is situated in a small soi, immersed in local heritage, where the northern way of life remains intact as it has done for centuries. It is a 5-star luxury boutique hotel … but much more besides as it carries forward traditional values of care, respect and acceptance.

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