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Punna, the restaurant, is devoted to deliver its guest, not only with a promising genuine taste of the foods, but also with an effort on prevailing sophisticatedly beautiful presentation to impress the guests with our long-established tradition, as we truly believe that “Food tastes better when it is beautifully presented, and being entertained with delightful meal in an appealing setting can make an ordinary occasion, a memorable experience.”

Our kitchen offers various of authentic Thai, flavorful fashionable Thai-Lanna dishes, those favorite delicious Western dishes, and freshly & classic homemade style breakfast, including other wondrous festive menu for various delightful holiday seasons.

Our primary designed concept of Punna has been inspired by a blend of centuries-old Thai & Lanna traditional food culture and the Royal Thai cuisine, with a touch of application distinguish & sophisticate food preparing, presentation & garnishing, establishments where Thai Royal cuisine is served, to give a full experience of purity Thai dining. The traditional of Royal Thai cuisine is prevailed and renewed in our restaurant, for our guest intimacy experience.



Puripunn Breakfast

In spite of the fact that breakfast at Puripunn in not a long-listed of buffet style, yet, wealthy scoped as to fully fill the demand of hearty fresh made quality-breakfast to start up a delightful day. At Puripunn, we value the breakfast as the most important meal of the day, and is the meal to corroborate the quality of food served from our kitchen daily. We design & zone the breakfast stations & services to cover the purposes of breakfast & demand to serve our guests.



Puripunn Traditional High Tea

Unlike others, Puripunn Traditional High Tea is “a must” when ones visit our place. Back to the history, art of taking tea in Thai culture was uncommon. However, as the colonization had been spreading around the Indochina, Thai cuisine was also splendidly absorbed and blended these influences of western and other food cultures to its own.

Taking tea and having light meal during the afternoon had become fashionable among Thai Royal Court and throughout nobility’s society. The afternoon light meal served with tea to the Royal class and the high society was so-called “Krueng-wang”, of which referred to the western afternoon tea.

Still and all, the menu served in the high tea was more than assorted sandwiches, scone & honey, canapé, variety of pastries & cakes. The Royal cuisine created various of subtle Thai comfort menu to serve this purpose sophisticatedly, such as Thai style deep fried herbs & pork canapé (Kha-nom-pang Nar-moo), Gold Rush Bag (Thai stuffed-chicken puff), Crispy Rice cake served with coconut & shallot minced pork (Khao-Tung Nar-Tung), Tapioca Ball with pork filling (Sa-ku-sai-moo), Sweet Mango & Coconut Cream Sticky Rice, Thai Rice Pudding and much more. These menus are unfortunately rare to be found neither in market nor restaurant these days.

To convey to our precious Thai food culture, Puripunn High Tea supervenes its traditional art of taking tea and make an effort for our guests, in the very Thai way till now. The Royal Thai cuisine concept and some of royal dishes and eating culture has been in conically pertained to our high tea, as well as other Thai dishes from our cuisine. Thus, Puripunn High Tea is conceived to be a delicacy process of preparing & presenting itself. It involves hand-made food art & craft, time consuming process of preparing the dishes. In order to make it to perfection & intimacy atmosphere, the high tea is served in set, on Thai hand-painted porcelain, traditional silverware, and clear crystal glass plate & serving units, to make our guests feel special. Puripunn High Tea has been demonstrated its value and demand over years, among the groups who fond of taking high tea.

We commonly get a visit from outsiders for Puripunn High Tea, precisely those Japanese & high-end Chinese guests. The number of visiting gusts for our High Tea grows significantly.



Khan Toke, the Northern Lanna Finest Dining

Northern Thai Lanna food is distinctively acknowledged among foodies. Similar to its long splendid characteristic of 700-years of Lanna Kingdom, aesthetic culture and sensuous tradition, and one-of-kind food style, have been shaped and is prevailing prominence.

As for, Chiang Mai has long been entitling the heart of Lanna Kingdom. Many of centuries-old dishes, such as “Khao-Soy” (Chiang Mai Curry Noodle), “Sai-Aou” (Chiang Mai Sausage), “Nam-Prig-Noom” (Chiang Mai Young Chill Paste), “Jinn Tord” (Seasoning Flavorful of Deep Fried Pork or Chicken) served with “Khao Nueng” (Soft & Chewy Sticky Rice, an unreasonably side dish to all dishes), still fashionable.

“Khan Toke” is the key highlight of the Lanna traditional finest dining, and is a must check list for ones who visit Chiang Mai, and Puripunn. “Khan Toke” is normally referred to a set of variety finest food & accompaniments to Lanna food essentials that is served to honor the visitors for a formal welcoming dinner. At Puripunn, “Khan Toke” menu set is well prepared to deliver authentic flavour with aromatic of northern Lanna provincial herbs. It is customary served in a ravishing table-like standing painted wooden tray, of which, decorated with beautiful hand-made folding banana leaf and flowers. We are proudly present and recommend our guests for a memorable Lanna fine dining experience.




Pool Lounge is a place where our guests spice up their nights and enjoy their drinks, chats, and light meal, to afternoon high tea.


Other Celebration & Entertaining

In spite of the fact that, Puripunn is conservative in covey to Thai & Lanna precious tradition and culture, yet, we are also keen on arranging western events.




SALA Spa, our spa outlet, is conceptually designed in an elegance colonial decor style found in Southeast Asia, blended within the old-day charms of Thai Lanna touch.

The SALA treatments are all designed to restore & balance the body & soul with the senses of the essential Thai wellness experience to indulge our guests in relaxation pampering and a radiance sense of well being, to sooth the mind and clam body with a caring treat and ultimate in luxury touch of oriental pampering secret.

Imagine a total rejuvenation of a well-being pampered by the healing of Royal Thai traditional treatments made from provincial tropical herbs, botanical fruits & vegetables, Thai Hot Herbal Compress, or other choices of our relaxing aromatic therapy, with tropical aromatic essential oils. The treatments apply Royal Thai massages & western approaches to vitalize our guest total of wellbeing experience and holistically tranquil.


Other Hotel Facilities


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